Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Heart Sundays

Ok... More than anything, it's just really good to start to get back into the groove of things. Being able to go to church again, hanging out with friends, driving, and feeling pretty much healed is amazing! Today I was able to go back to my youth group and be with my good friends. We ended up getting to go to Del Taco to do our lesson! Brock being the awesome friend he is bought Andrew, himself, and I three tacos each! I hadn't had breakfast this morning and the food felt great! After church Brock got to come home with us because we were going to be going to Andrews house for a BBQ. After a pretty good roast and potatoes meal with my family, we went over to Andrews at about 430. When we got there, everyone was just hanging out downstairs and I got to play Andrews drums and jam with him for a bit. It always feels good to play drums. After that, we ate some good grub and had a pretty brilliant idea. We ended up filming and editing a mock infomercial about having a robot to help you with everyday tasks. It was "The Brock!" Brock was the robot that would help Andrew do daily things. I just stood in the background in most of the shots pretending to be creepy. It was a hilarious night! Brock had to leave at about 9:30 and we ended up editing the vid until about 11. We didn't finish it, but we got a lot of stuff done. It's super funny and we'll have to post it to facebook and youtube. I am so grateful to have friends that will still hang out with me and have fun even though there isn't much to do. My life has been so blessed like that and I thank you all! I praise God everyday for keeping me alive.

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