Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pretty Great Day

Today started of a little on the startling side. I woke up at about 7 because of my sleeping problems and kinda dosed in and out until like 9. My sister came downstairs and said that Gwen was here. I hurried and got up, put some pants on, deodorant, brushed my teeth and was upstairs as fast as I could be. Gwen was ready to do some packet work and left some books for me to choose one in my spare time, which I have a lot of right now! It's really good of Gwen to come to my house and help me out with school work. I know that I can do it on my own, but having her help and tell me what I need to do is very helpful and handy and just awesome! It's also nice to feel like I have a teacher again and I'm not just sitting at home doing nothing. After she left, I just did some packet work and went downstairs to drink some morning coffee and do my daily online things. I usually post reviews, videos, pictures, comments, questions and answers on because I am in the top 100 reviewers out of at least 50,000. It's almost like a job, even though I don't get paid for it. Check my Facebook, see what's going on, email a couple things, then watch some good snowboarding vids! A couple kids of my Moms friend came over and I watched them for about 20 minutes until my sister got home from lunch with my Dad. She is a lot better with kids than me and knows what to do with them. I usually just let them do what they want and read a magazine or something while I watch them. Not that fun for the kids. Ryan came over and asked me if I wanted to go to a BBQ for his young mens and when we got there we were supposed to do a little service for one of his neighbors. We went there and we were supposed to be pulling big weeds, taking care of trash, and fixing some crooked sidewalk. I couldn't do any of that because of my condition and ended up being the guy that got to burn the dry weeds. It was pretty cool. The BBQ tasted really good. We had some hot dogs and one had cheese in it and the other was a polish dog. I was pretty stoked to get good food. It was freezing outside and I didn't bring a jacket so I was pretty cold but the food was amazing! Me and Ryan ended up just hanging out the rest of the day until like 11:30. At 11 we ended up going and getting energy drinks because they sounded good. I got a great tasting Rockstar Grape flavor drink (which I recommend if anyone wants an energy drink). I put my new bindings on one of my snowboards and then just laid in bed. I feel like I've actually accomplished quite a bit today even though I didn't really do a lot. I guess most things feel exciting when your used to sitting around all day.

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