Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yeah yeah yeah

Well... If you all haven't noticed, I haven't posted in like 3 days. I fell asleep one night, was at Niconas house the next, and then my Dads house asleep after a movie. So this is a little refresh on what's been going on. Wednesday I got up and pretty much did nothing other than packet work and then I went to Wednesday Night youth group. I used to hate Wednesdays because that was the day I had to wear a dress uniform at Ivy Hall. Even after not going there anymore I didn't like Wednesdays. I pretty much think they are the best days of the week now because of Wednesday Nights. I'm so glad to be there and see my friends and be a part of the group. It's so good to hear Nate speak and fill me with the spirit to keep me going until Sunday. After Wednesday Night I ended up going to Niconas house with Josh and Kainen and we all stayed the night. We sat up just talking and playing video games and stuff and I ended up falling asleep first at about 1:00. I woke up to see Nicona asleep with his head on the ground and his feet on the couch, that was pretty funny, but I fell asleep again in about 3 seconds. I stayed on the ground for about an hour until I was told to go to Niconas bed. I got there and fell asleep in minutes. They put a cut out of James Dean on me and I didn't even notice until I woke up at 11! It was a lot of fun being somewhere other than my house for once. That's the one place I've really been for the past 3 weeks. Thursday I was just chillin at Niconas until about 8 and then went to my Dads house. I got there and we got a little Del Taco and then just watched movies. He went to bed after the first and then I watched a documentary about the first man to climb everest in 1924. He died on his way down, but he made it to the summit. Friday I woke up and was told that we were going to go snowshoeing in the morning. We went up the canyon and hiked on normal trail for about a mile before finding the snow. We hiked about another mile with snowshoes and then headed down. I would have loved to hike farther but I was so tired from it being the first real exercise I've gotten in a long time. Then me and my Dad went to my Moms house to mow the lawn, edge it, and clean the garage. It ended up taking us like 6 hours with a few side projects. We put a new battery in our 4 wheeler and I had to go get it. It took about an hour just to get the battery. After we got back to my Dads house we just chilled and showered and ate some good dinner and we were gonna watch a movie but my dad fell asleep. So I watched My Dog Skip. I hadn't seen that movie in forever so it was good to watch it again. I finished it and just got ready for bed and so here I am deciding I should blog at 1 in the morning. Oh well, hope this is a good update to what's going on.

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