Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Neurologist Visit

Today I went to the neurologist to see the results of my MRI on my brain. Before she looked at the pictures of the MRI or the info on it, she asked me how I felt and if anything felt weird or unusual. I told her that things were starting to get pretty much back to normal and I didn't think anything felt out of place. She said that if I was feeling like that, then whatever the MRI shows it may not make a difference on how my brain is healing. The one thing that she specifically pointed out from the MRI is that my brain had some scar tissue from healing and the problem with scar tissue in the brain is that it can either in the near future or in the distant, cause me to either feel like I'm having deja vu, or it can even give me strokes. She didn't say that this will happen, but I am at higher risk of it happening. Other than the scar tissue my brain looked like it was healing very much, and just as the doctor in Colorado said, I must wear a helmet when I'm doing activities. Even though the doctors say this, I'm not gonna throw on a helmet anytime I decide to get a little active. I will wear a helmet doing the sports I do like, skating, biking, dirtbiking and other types. I already wear a helmet almost any time I go snowboarding and when I'm dirtbiking, I pretty much always wear a helmet. I realize now the severity of my injuries and I'll do whatever I can to keep them at a low rate now. I can't just give up sports, I love them to much! I will be more careful about how I progress and approach these sports though. God has given me such an amazing opportunity to forward my life even with life threatening injuries. I better take what he has given me and protect it.

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