Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh How Our God Gives

Well happy Mothers Day everybody! Hope you all celebrated it well and told your moms how much you love them. I always use days like this to look back at my life and see all that God has given me. I live in an incredible place with so many opportunities and things given to me and I take that for granted a lot of the time. I have had incredible relationships with friends, family, mentors and more. I feel a bit spoiled by God and want to help others and let them see the life that I am given. I want to do many mission trips and many service trips throughout my life. Hopefully people will see the that the life I was given was not by my choice, but by Gods. Every time I think about how less fortunate countries must think of the United States, they think "Those Americans are just handed everything on a plate and they don't care about the world." Which in a lot of cases is actually true. I can think of tons of times where I have said that I felt bad for other people, but have done nothing to help them. God has definitely given me a new pair of eyes and I'm seeing the world in a whole different way. I used to think I never wanted to go to developing countries to help out because it would be gross and I wouldn't like it, now I can't think any way other than wanting to help all those people. The lives that they live are so basic that it's kind of a miracle for me to even think that I have shoes, a home, blankets... All the "American" basic needs. Thank you God for everything you do for me and everything that you have given me. I call you father, dad, papa... Lord.

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